lördag 10 februari 2018

Indian Wine: Chandon Brut

Yes, they also make bubbly in India. Chandon, the global arm of champagne powerhouse Moët et Chandon, established themselves in India in 2013. Now they produce three varieties of bubbly in Dindori, Nashik: Brut, Rosé and Delice (slightly sweeter). Today we are trying the bestseller, the NV Brut. 

It is made from mainly chenin blanc grapes, which handle the Indian climate well, and complemented by the champagne classics chardonnay and pinot noir. The palate is fruity with rather mellow and sweet citrus and a hint of apples. There is some acidity to back it up, but no real zing. It is very pleasant and easy drinking with a hint sweetness in the background. It does not come near a real champagne, but I would say that it compares favourably to an Italian prosecco or a South African MCC. This I will happily drink again. Good quality for the price actually.

The beautiful bottle here is a limited edition, designed by the Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra.

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