söndag 24 juli 2011

Dahlonega Wine Trail

This blog entry, and perhaps a few more to follow, will be in English, so my friends in the US can read them. After all, you only get that far with Google Translate, and it is far more fun to be able to read the original text. I hope Swedish readers can follow along as well.

Our US travels have now taken us from Pensacola to Atlanta, visiting old friends. When we lived in this area, some seven years ago now, there were only a handful of wineries established in Georgia. That number has now grown substantially, and the site http://www.georgiawinecountry.com/ lists no less than 46 wine producing establishments in the state. It has grown to quite a local tourist destination in the North Georgia foothills, and many wineries offer elaborate tasting rooms, lunch and dining facilities and popular Sunday brunches. Several interesting wineries are located around the historical goldrush town of Dahlonega, and the local Chamber of Commerce has even produced a brochure highlighting five wineries on the "Dahlonega Wine Trail". This morning we took off with the ambition to visit at least three of these.

The first stop on the trail was Blackstock Vineyards and Winery. It is beautifully located on a ridge with a fantastic backdrop of the Georgia foothills, where the Appalachian mountains begin. The winery features no less than two separate tasting rooms and it has a pretty commercial feeling to it. I tasted four wines here, a Viognier, a Sangiovese rosé, a Merlot and a Touriga. To sum it up succinctly, I did not care much for any of them. They were not bad, but just uninteresting, and simply not worth the bottle price. The best part of the tasting came at the end, when we were served their port-styled Touriga dessert wine, in a cup made out of dark chocolate. That was pretty yummy. The next stop on the trail, Three Sisters, was better, but that deserves a blog entry of it's own. More to follow.....

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